DQIB, the Debian Quick Image Baker

Posted on Sun 09 June 2019 in debian • Tagged with debian-planet, english

Debian supports (either officially or unofficially) a lot of architectures, which is of course a nice thing. Sometimes you want to play with some exotic architecture you are not familiar with, or you want to debug a problem with that architecture, but you do not have a computer implementing that …

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Italy's liberation day

Posted on Thu 25 April 2019 in thoughts • Tagged with debian-planet, english

Today is Italy's liberation day. On this day of year 1945 partisan insurrections in Milan and Turin freed those cities from the Nazi and Fascist occupation. It took a few more days to actually end the war, but that is the date that was later chosen as national holiday.

I …

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Paris BSP and this blog

Posted on Thu 18 April 2019 in debian • Tagged with debian-planet, english

Hello everybody!

I've never had a blog up to today, and apparently now I do. Why? Well, it happened that there was a Debian Bug Squashing Party in Paris a few weeks ago, and I thought that it might be nice to go, meet some nice people and humbly help …

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