Italy's liberation day

Posted on Thu 25 April 2019 in thoughts

Today is Italy's liberation day. On this day of year 1945 partisan insurrections in Milan and Turin freed those cities from the Nazi and Fascist occupation. It took a few more days to actually end the war, but that is the date that was later chosen as national holiday.

I am grateful to all the people that fought for a free country and for putting an end to the Fascist and Nazi regimes. I am also grateful to all the people that starting from those days and to the present time worked and work for building a united and peaceful Europe of friend countries and people.

There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of dangers to be aware of: peace is never acquired for ever and it faces new challenges every decade. I hope that through the efforts of many people one day the whole world will live in peace and freedom.

Happy liberation day! Buona festa della liberazione!

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